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World Traveler
by La-Z-Boy

La-Z-Boy Colby Group

Colby Duo Sofa by La-Z-Boy

Colby Features

A Splash of World Sophistication

Add a splash of world sophistication to your room with sofas, chairs and accessories by La-Z-Boy that tap into a trend known as World Traveler. This trend brings together calm neutrals, robust hues and exotic patterns that suggest a penchant for foreign destinations. This style is not just for jet-setters, its also embraced by stay-at-home types as well.


by Norwalk

Norwalk Colton Sectional

Canyon Design TrendCanyon Fabrics
Canyon Fabrics

Earthy Shades

Earthy shades of clay have been on trend for several years at this point, and the complementary accent colors of blue, russet, and sage have been well explored within the furniture industry. Clays are a bit less red or brown, but rather they tend toward yam, ginger, and cinnamon shades, with a soft rosy undertone. These colors are beautifully mixed with nut toned leathers and they combine for a decidedly tranquil colorway that’s evocative of desert and arid environments.


Norwalk Canyon Design Trend

Keep it Simple
by La-Z-Boy

La-Z-Boy Collins Group

La-Z-Boy Collins Close-up

Collins - Clean and Simple design

Shifting into Neutral

Nothing soothes the mind like a calming color. Neutral tones like beige, gray and off-white add sophistication to a room without overpowering it. Complement neutral wall colors with soft, natural fibers and simple furniture designs to create a timeless charm that never goes out of style. The result is clean, casual and classic... keeping it simple.


Modern Farmhouse
by Liberty

Americana Farmhouse Dining by Liberty

Americana Farmhouse Bedroom by Liberty

Americana Farmhouse by Liberty

Clean Lines. Modern Finishes. Neutral Colors.

Modern farmhouse style is largely credited to Joanna Gaines and the debut of the HGTV series Fixer Upper. Her unique style made use of certain traditional farmhouse elements such as exposed beams or shiplap paneling with contemporary upgrades like modern wood floors or appliances and a more neutral color palette with accent colors usually reserved to darker blues or greens. Though she may not have been the only designer working in this style, the show has been a large factor in bringing the style to the masses.

Source: Archetural Digest Farmhouse Style 101